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Jim Jarmusch all up on your caboose, 8.5x11", Ink on paper, 2006


Subsidence in Pink, 48" x 35" , graphite, + acrylic on heavyweight paper, 2006

Fossil Fuel Dance Party,  pencil + acrylic on paper, 2005

From the Pits to The Hits, Ink, monoprint, acrylic, 8.5 x 11", 2014

Diskreet Freak Wincies Under the Hill, " 26x34" graphite, acrylic, watercolor on paper 2006

Colliery and collapse, 26x34" graphite, acrylic, watercolor on paper 2006

Samhain parade, 26x34" graphite, pencil, acrylic, on paper, 2003

Exorcism, 26x34" graphite, pencil, ink on paper, 2003

Boy Mountain, 26x34", white acrylic on black paper, 2003

Damask collapse/ascend - dimensions variable, 2003

Walking Wall, 8x10",  ink on paper, 2004

"Body as Mine," 6x12", Ink + xylene on transparency mounted in glass, 2003

Space Rock, approx 10x20", pencil, graphite, pastel on brown paper, 2005

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