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HAYLEY MCCULLOCH_Born 1976, Derbyshire, United Kingdom - Lives and works in NYC.



Hayley McCulloch is a British born artist and writer. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and art fairs internationally. A collection of her sculptures were featured as an interactive display for the “Verlorenes Geld," exhibition at The Dresden Saxon Museum of Art, Germany. The recipient of a 2010-2015 Chashama Foundation NYC Studio Award, she created an installation for the 54th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, which was also presented on the UNIFEM website. Her work has been featured in Area Revue Paris and has been covered by art magazines such as ARTINFO, Paper Magazine, and other art periodicals. 


McCulloch made the drawings and writings for her first artist book, “Handbook for the Disenchanted," in 2009, when she was invited to live and work in a Parisian art squat called, “Sans Plomb,” which offered a renegade artist residency collective, an atelier and culminated in a solo show. After an exhibit of a selection of these particular works upon returning to New York, “Handbook for the Disenchanted," was subsequently 

picked up and published by Campanotto Editore, in Udine, Italy, released as a limited edition publication in early 2012, and was accepted into the collection of Yale University Library and New York Public Library. 


Amongst a variety of interactive + performance art projects, McCulloch created and launched a wheeled mobile flat file unit called, “The Dolly Files,” with her friend and collaborator, Abby Goodman. For a period of 2 years, they traveled with, and staged it throughout the streets of Soho, Chelsea and Brooklyn, also staking outposts in front of places like The New Museum and The Armory Shows where they interacted with the public, selling artworks, prints, small sculpture, zines, and books. Here began the operation of McCulloch’s “Les Petite Mort,” figurines in humorous performances. The headline, "MOTHBALL POCKET THEATER," was coined and evolved into gallery exhibits, one-night theater pieces and realized itself further through stop-motion shorts. 


McCulloch is a graduate of Hunter College, City University New York, holding a degree in Studio Art and Creative Writing. She contributes non-fiction articles and interviews to Quiet Lunch Magazine. Her current art, literary and performance projects focus on greater social awareness and alliance through the practice of collaboration and curatorial experimentation. 





Exhibition History:


Solo Art Exhibitions:


2011    "Ayup", Gilles Larrain Gallery, NYC

2010    "Bambina Subpoena", Sustainable Gallery, NYC

             “Dirty Work and the Golden Handshake”, Installation for the 54th Session on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, NYC   

2009     “Handbook For the Disenchanted”, Sans Plomb Gallery, Paris, France

              “New Hat, Fancy That”, Norwood Arts Club, NYC

2006     "Paintings from the Spectrograph”, Kobenhavn Penthouse, NYC

2005     “Eros Parade”, S. Lee Wright Gallery, NYC

2002     "Recent Paintings", The Westin Grand Bohemian Gallery, FL




Selected Group Shows:


2017    "The Roast of Paul Brainard," The Lodge Gallery, NYC

2016    "Arte Fiera Bologna," 40th Anniversary - Art Fair Bologna, Italy

2015    “RPM”, OxHeart @ NoOsphere Gallery, NYC

2015    “Benefit Auction for Sara Curry Humanitarian Award”, Angel Orensanz Foundation, NYC       

2014    “JAPONISM in Contemporary Art”, Nippon Club Gallery, N

2013    “Social Sculpture”, 3rdEyeSol, Brooklyn, NY

             "Gowanus 13," OxHeart Productions @ Little Field BK, NY

             "Youth at Risk Foundation - Art Benefit Auction", S. Lee Wright @ Gary's Loft, NY

             “Die Wunderkammer”, The Lodge Gallery, NY

             “Fountain Art Fair NY”, Republic Worldwide/The Lodge Gallery, NY

2012    “SOUK”, Underline Gallery, NY

             “100 plus or minus”, Underline Gallery, NYC

             “INTITOLATO”, Gallery 128, NY

             “ArteLibro,” Zeta International, Bologna, Italy

             “Arboretum",  Republic Worldwide @ Fireman’s Memorial Sculpture Garden, NYC                     

             "Postcards to Ai Weiwei", White Box Arts and Humanity Award Honoring Ai Weiwei - Live Auction by Phillips de Pury, White Box, NYC

             "Arte Fiera Vernice", Campanotto Editions, Forli, Italy

             "Casa de Empeño 2", Anonymous Gallery Airstream @ The Armory, NY

             "SCOPE NY", Chashama Foundation, NY

             "Casa de Empeño", Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City

             "Arte Padova 22a Edizione", Campanotto Editions, Padova, Italy

            "WDD", S. Lee Wright Interiors @ The Hudson Riverview Gallery, NY

2011    "Arte Verona Art Fair", Campanotto Editions, Verona, Italy

             "Holiday Show", Lesley Heller Gallery, NY

             "Stay on the Goodside", The Goodside Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2010    "Chashama Foundation Fall Gala", Anita's Way - 42nd St and Broadway

            "Khromatone", World Monument Gallery, NYC

             “Water's Edge", 12 Artists from the BAT, 461 Chashama Harlem Gallery, NYC

2009    “Spectrum Miami - In conjunction with Art Basel Miami", Le Côté Français + Belen Design Studio, FL

             “Verlorenes Geld", Dresden Saxon Museum of Art, Germany

2009    “Floating Sculptures",  – THE WATERPOD @ the Worlds Fair Marina, NYC

             “Small Works Benefit",  Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2008    “Figuratively Speaking", Poesis Gallery, San Francisco, CA

             “Global Green",  Camorra Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA

             “THE BRUCENNIAL", Bruce High Quality Foundation, Brooklyn NYC

             "The Red Chamber Masquerade Ball Benefit + Silent Auction," including works by Yoko Ono, Carolee Schneemann, Lucio Pozzi, William Wegman,                      Roxy Paine - White Box, NYC

            "Dream Therapy", Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, NYC

2007    "Bridge Art Fair in conjunction with Art Basel Miami", Group show including Craig Love, Peikwen Cheng, Ginna Triplett, Carlos de                                                   Villasante and others - Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts NY 

2006    “Paris Fashion Week", Le Grand Hôtel Intercontinental, PSH International, NY- Paris, France

             "Line of Beauty", Group exhibition including works by Andy Warhol, Mike Kelley, Richard Prince, Tracey Emin, Gabriel Orozco, Robert Crumb,                              Kathleen Cullen Fine Art, NYC

             “Chicago NOVA Art Fair", Kathleen Cullen Fine Art, IL

2003    "Scope NY",  Soho House, Group exhibition including works by Inka Essenhigh, Brad Kahlhamer, Will Cotton, Lydia Dona and others - Michael                             Steinberg Fine Art, NY

             "Scope Miami," Michael Steinberg Fine Arts, NYC, FL

2002    “Inaugural Exhibition” - Wilfong Remeires Gallery, FL

2001    "Herald," Two-person exhibition, Avalon Art Gallery, FL

             "Ten Women - Group show for breast cancer research", V Groove Productions, OVAL Gallery, FL

             "The Grand Bohemian Gallery",  Orlando, FL

2000    "Cutting edge 2000", Orlando Museum of Art, FL







2015    "Royal Browsing History + Most Colourful Abject Violence with Dr. Zizmor's MILF's,"  with Kalan Sherrard" @ Under St Marks Theater

2012    “Mothball Pocket Theater,” Gilles Larrain Studio, Main Stage, NY

             “The Rolling Stones Middle Finger Puppet Show, Live at the SOUK,” Underline Gallery, NY

             “Gimmie Shelter” Underline Gallery, NY

2010    "BP Oil Crisis in Glorious Technicolor" KHROMATONE EXHIBITION - WORLD MONUMENT GALLERY,



             “Off the top of my head” BOHO BODEGA, NYC

             “Haute Couture Feeding Necklace with Headpiece” Involving a troupe of 6 performers - Chashama Fall  Gala - ANITA’S WAY 42ND ST + BROADWAY

             “Cashmere Carrots on the CAtwalk"  Involving a troupe of 6 performers - Chashama Fall  Gala - ANITA’S WAY 42ND ST + BROADWAY, NY

2008    “The Cabinet of Mme. Pippinelli” THE STREETS OF NEW YORK


2004    “Dueling Light Projections with 20ft drawings created to live music", WARSAW MUSIC HALL BALLROOM, Brooklyn, NY

2002    "The Bleached Creeps in a Geometric Dervish" - Opening for Heather Henson, FRINGE FESTIVAL, FL

2002    "Gets her kicks" Stone Soup Collective, Orlando, FL

2001    "The Mustards" Orlando Performance Space, FL

2000    "Light Oddessy," Light projection drawings for music with choreographed dance, Knock Knock, FL

2000    "Light Oddessy," Light projection drawings for live music, performance, Orlando Performance Space, FL





2011    Villa Buzzati - Belluno, Italy

2009    Chashama Foundation artist in residence, 2009- 2015 @ Brooklyn Army Terminal NY

2009    Sans Plomb Arts Collective – Paris, France

2008    The Waterpod – Worlds Fair, Queens, NY






2009    Chashama Foundation NYC Studio Award Grant

2002    Aurora Art + Design Award 

2001    Extraordinary Abilities Visa 02 - United States Government 



Artist Talks:


2013  “Die Wunderkammer,” Hayley McCulloch + Paul Brainard @ The Lodge Gallery NYC

2012  “Dolly Files at INTITOLATO,” Hayley McCulloch + Abby Goodman @ Gallery 128 NYC

2011   Villa Buzzati, Belluno, Italy.

2010   NYU Radio feature on Khromatone Exhibit

2010   NY Spotlight on success - A talk with Hayley McCulloch + S. Lee Wright. Host Diana Navarro

2009   Sans Plomb - Paris, France.

2009   Area Revue - Paris, France.




Bibliography and publications:




Area Revue Paris

Quiet Lunch Magazine

Il Graino, Italy

Brooklyn Street Art 2013

Postcards to Ai Weiwei White Box 2012 Benefit Book

Femme et Fleur: March 2012


Paper Magazine

"Verlorenes Geld” Dresden Museum Program

Area Revue Paris 2009


The New York Sun Newspaper 2006





Books and Zines:



"Handbook for the Disenchanted " - A limited edition artists book published by Campanotto Editore, Italy, 2012. Available at Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France and throughout Europe via the publisher in Udine, Italy. Distributors in the US include Berkeley University Press, CA, Chaucer's, CA, Left Coast Books, CA, St. Marks Bookstore, NY, and UNDERLINE GALLERY NY.


"Totemic Polemic and the Fathoms Below" - A Single Hand Bound Artists Book.


"BE-HEADED" - A small run quarterly art zine - 2013-2014









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